Our Services

Ocean freight

United Ocean Shipping Ltd has developed excellent relationships with many well-known shipping companies and agents to obtain the best possible prices.

Our services provide frequent departures at competitive rates for:

  • Full Container load (FCL).
  • Imports And exports of Less container loads (LCL).
  • Door To door services: Through transport or shipping arrangement to ensure a direct flow of goods from the exporter to the importer (or from the point-of-origin to the point-of-sale) with a minimum of interruption and delay.

This service combines road and/or maritime transport.

We believe that each case of transport is different and we always try to adjust ourselves to every need separately.

We will help you to find your ideal transport solution.

Air freight

United Ocean Shipping Ltd is active in the field of air transport of small to large cargoes.

Also provides door-to-door service to any place desired by our client.

We have already undertaken to provide this very important service for the customer as a result of the time of delivery and receipt of certain loads makes the sometimes spectacular and necessary solution.

Our service covers worldwide destinations on a daily basis.

We understand that customers are choosing to move their products by air transport due to their great need, we can provide a reliable service to meet all customer requirements by promoting air freight at competitive prices.

Road transport

Our services in road transport consist of experienced manpower where our target is the high safety and prompt delivery of goods to all places of Cyprus at the lowest prices.

We choose the best options for inland transportation so we can ensure the best transport for our clients.

United Ocean Shipping Ltd delivers the goods to its customers’ doors with safety and reliability.

We offer flexible road freight services customized to customer needs for group age and full-load shipments.

Our company guarantees that your freight arrives safely and on time.

Custom formalities

For our company customs clearance is one of our most basic services, so in cooperation with our experienced agents undertake any kind of customs clearance ensuring timely delivery of cargo to its final destination.

With absolute consistency accountability and professionalism, we can serve any work and customs formality of packages, containers, cars, etc.

We are skilled, well-experienced, and full-dedicated to providing the best Custom clearance services for imports and exports of all types of consignments, we believe in quick processing handling, coupled with quality service. Indeed, our aim is to come up to the entire satisfaction of respected clients. 

Right and truly we uphold the claim of the most explicit service in all circumstances.

We are bound to give the right advice, afford guidance and execute the assigned work promptly and efficiently.

  • Prior Customs Clearance arrangements of sensitive equipment
  • Duty and Tax assessment
  • Goods / Items Classification
  • Permanent import/export procedures of commercial shipments- Consultancy Services
  • Import export formalities
  • Inland transportation arrangements
  • Classification of imported goods and customs duty estimates
  • Customs entry and processing
  • Preparation and processing for a customs bond
  • Landed cost calculation
  • Arrangements of customs processing & sealing of containers at Dry/sea/airports

Student Shipping Services

Discounts for students  !!!

United Ocean Shipping Ltd offers very competitive prices and services to students to transfer their personal items from their address to delivery to their final destination (door to door).

Be sure that your products are marketed and delivered safely to your destination.